What is a Bath? Or Thermae?


When we say ‘baths‘ and ‘beach’, one immediately conjures up the image of sun-drenched beaches, lying on the sand with our feet propped up on some rocks or plants in a shallow pool. Baths are very common in our everyday lives, as is sun bathing. However, the baths and the word ‘beach’ do not always go hand in hand. While the beach is commonly associated with an activity taking place in the open sea, a bath can also mean soaking your body in a bathtub or in a swimming pool.

What is a Bath? Or Thermae?

A soak in the bathtub can be enjoyable, refreshing and rejuvenating. Bathing is often the washing of your body with either a liquid or aqueous solution, or even the immersion of your whole body into water. It can be practised for aesthetic, hygienic, spiritual or personal hygiene purposes. In addition to bathing, it can also be used for therapeutic reasons, especially for sun bathing, as a therapeutic activity or as a ritualistic practice. In terms of personal hygiene, it is a method of washing, cleaning and polishing your skin; whereas, in case of bathing, it involves cleansing your hair and body by means of an agent that removes excess moisture and oils from the skin.

To be able to have a relaxing time in the tub, one must be comfortable in bathers. Bathers need to be comfortable both during the bathing process and immediately after. Bathers need to be relaxed and comfortable so that they can have an enjoyable time in the hot tub. For those who are suffering from any medical conditions, it is advisable to seek the advice of a doctor before embarking on the activity.

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