Learning the Language – How to Speak Japanese


Japanese is an East Asian spoken language, spoken by about 128 million individuals, mostly in Japan. It is currently a member of the Japonic languages family, and several aspects of its grammar are similar to Chinese. It is also related to Chinese, due to borrowings from Confucian, Vietnamese and English. Like Chinese, Japanese has three writing systems: The katakana script, the kanji script and the Hiragana script. The katakana is the most commonly used script, being used for formal written communication as well as spoken Japanese.


In order to understand how japanese people express their thoughts and how they write, you must first learn the basics of japanese grammar. Because japanese people are native speakers of two languages, Japanese also has two writing systems: The Kanji and the Kansai-shiki. The kanji are the basic words used, while the kansai-shiki represents the modern written form of the Japanese language. Both scripts can be tough to master, making many Japanese learn the basics of writing through reference materials and textbooks. This method has proven to be useless for many individuals who wish to speak japanese fluently. An easier alternative would be to study the language via the help of online tools.


A new tool that has made learning japanese easy is the interactive audio dictionary known as “Hitsuja”. This online tool was originally created as an English-learning program for college students in Japan, but it was later adopted by many people interested in learning japanese. Unlike many other courses offered online, Hitsuja offers lessons which are constructed from actual conversations between real japanese people. The resulting dialogue is highly fluent and interesting, enabling students to quickly improve their pronunciation.

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