Installing Microsoft Office on Macs

To open your Microsoft Office setup, simply enter your password and email. New user? simply create a new account. Insert your product key that is displayed on the activation card. Next, Download and run Setup. Follow the instructions on your computer to install the software on your computer. Useful website –

How to Successfully Install Microsoft Office on Macs

If you are using Microsoft Excel as your file format, you will have to open Microsoft Excel and click the “file” icon on the main menu. In Microsoft Excel, click “ables” and then click ” macros”. Open up a new one and then click on the plus sign icon to add macros. You will then be required to click next until you enter your name and your message to the macro.

Last but not least, if you are opening your Microsoft Word setup, you will be prompted to put in your school account email address. Click on the “email options” icon and then click “OK”. Once done, the installation is complete. You can test your setup by opening up your Word document and printing whatever is highlighted in yellow.” icon that is close to your desktop and select the option “install now”.

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