Air Duct Cleaning: Why It’s Important

Epic Duct Cleaning is a process to identify and remove various contaminants from HVAC systems which cause poor air quality to the living space. These contaminants are usually very small and airborne, and are created when dirt and other debris from outside the home gets trapped inside the ductwork. With continued exposure to these contaminants, health risks develop and can result in breathing difficulties or even short-term memory loss – symptoms likely to be more severe for children.

Duct Cleaning – Indoor Air Quality Benefits

If the dirt and debris stuck in the vents gets moist and/or accumulated, it can clog the ventilation system and prevent the desired airflow from taking place. When this occurs, the air flow is restricted and the inside temperature can rise significantly – to dangerous degrees – making it difficult to bear the increased indoor temperature. Consequently, the unit may require repair and maintenance or perhaps replaced altogether. If the HVAC system becomes blocked by debris, a buildup of moisture inside the ducts will also occur and lead to the same health threats.

The solution to this problem is to have an air duct cleaning process performed on a regular basis, at least every year or every couple of years, depending upon the extent of accumulation and buildup of contaminants. However, an HVAC contractor cannot simply come out and start doing the job himself-he needs to have the proper equipment and training. For this reason, many companies now offer their services to come do air duct cleaning on your behalf, with the necessary training. It is important to make sure you choose a company that uses high-quality equipment, employs experienced professionals, uses modern air duct cleaning technology, and has a track record of performing these services successfully. Ideally, the duct cleaning company you choose should have been around for a number of years, has a good reputation, and performs as per your expectations.